Event Information

Lørdag den 18. maj 2024 , kl. 18.

Stone Ranch på Tipheden, Tiphedevej 20

(Entré: 395 kr)

Skal du afsted?

Skal du til dette arrangement men mangler et sove/spise -sted eller inspiration til hvad du ellers kan lave i Herning? Så har vi samlet noget af det bedste til dig lige her.

Nashville Nights

Bon Jovi Jam

The festival's unique brand. Three artists sitting on stage, each with an acoustic guitar and a microphone. The songs, and the stories behind are in focus, and the delivery is honest.

No glamorous wrapping, but straight from the heart, vulnerable and open, and very intimate. The writers tell their stories behind the songs. It can be touching, heartbreaking, sad or funny - and the audience is always captivated. The bar israised to the highest level at the NNISF writers rounds